How do I find my previous posts and threads?

Like the title says, how can I find my previous posts and threads that I have started? I've looked around in my profile, and I can't find anywhere how to do this.
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  1. Check "Tracked threads" just above "Manage my Profile" option which you'll find by clicking on your Name in the upper right corner.
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner of the website and select "tracked threads".
  3. Thanks guys. But that only works if I'm tracking a thread, which I don't want to track every one I post in. And it only gives me a link to the thread, not the post itself. Most forums I'm involved in have an option to search for all of my posts, not just the threads. This forum doesn't even have a proper search option at all that I can see, other than the generic search bar that just searches the entire site.

    For a popular tech site, it's amazing how behind the times the site itself is. Even the "view last read" link in threads hardly ever works.
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    Yeah, hopefully they'll be making some changes to the site, but at least it's working properly (which it wasn't a few months ago).
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