Replace failed SATA 2 HDD with SATA 3 on RAID 1

I have a failed SATA 2 HDD 32MB on RAID 1. I ordered a replacement 1TB SATA 2 HDD from Amazon but it was dead on arrival. So, can someone suggest if it is ok to replace the failed HDD with a SATA 3. If yes, does it matter if I get a 64MB, if my current (good) HDD is 32MB?

I have read posts where it says it's ok to replace SATA 2 with SATA 3, but is that good for RAID 1 too? And, then does 64MB make a difference? Or, am I better off buying two SATA 3 and rebuilding the RAID?
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  1. Yes RAID will work with all kinds of storage devices, it's just recommended to use two or more of the same device. SATA 3 is just a revised version of SATA 2 with higher throughput so it should work well.

    Buying two SATA 3's would result in quicker data transfer so it's recommended but I dont know exactly how big of a difference SATA 2 is from SATA 3 in real world situations. All I know is SATA 2 runs at 3.0 Gbits/sec and SATA 3 runs at 6.0 Gbits/sec. Should provide with a overall larger and quicker RAID config.
  2. Thanks. So, I take that 64mb would work too with 32mb?
  3. Yes it will.
  4. Thanks.
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