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So I hooked up my TV to my PC using an HDMI cable. I don't want to extend the screen with my TV, I want to duplicate it. So I did that in my screen settings, but I have a problem. The resolution of my monitor and my TV will be the same, which I don't want to be. It is either 1920x1080 (which is perfect for my monitor, but way too big for my TV), or 1360x768 (which is perfect for my TV, but way to small for my monitor). Is there a way I can set the resolution for my TV and my PC independently?
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    You can not duplicate your screen and have different resolutions. When you duplicate your display, you are getting a pixel for pixel duplication on each display. Windows does not support upscaling or downscaling to convert one resolution in to the other.

    Your only option if you want to run each independently is to extend the screen.
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