Building a Gaming Rig from Scratch.

Hello,I'm planning to build a gaming cpu from scratch but i want to start off with a high-end MoBo with basic(budget parts) and then upgrade other basic parts to high-end one at a time. Im not rushing things on getting a high-end gaming rig. Any advise?
Im from the philippines and Gilmore is my preferred shop.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. if you really want to go that way, a really high end mobo would be one from the ASUS maximus line. But you have to get a CPU and GPU which work together, as not to cause bottlenecks, so you don't want a really good CPU and a terrible GPU. what i recommend is get the best, all round rig you can in your budget and buy a slightly bigger power supply that necessary to give your self some expansion room
  2. If you want high end, go for a CPU LGA: 2011.
    But if you want to stay at 1150 i'd suggest GTX780 as a GPU and 4790k or 4770k as CPU.
    k in the end means that it's unlocked and you can overclock it.
  3. Getting a real high end motherboard is often a waste of money. Just get a solid midrange and get better components now.
  4. Thanks for the response Guys, Can you suggest a midrange CPU and MoBo. Im planning to get an AMD A6 or Intel i3 as a start
  5. Do not buy AMD. Buy i3 or i5
  6. Isnt there an AMD that can match up with i3 and i5 that are less expensive? would you mind choosing parts from here and let me know?
    my budget is php20k for CPU. Thanks!
  7. An i3 4150 with an Asrock Z97 extreme4 would work, if you intend to move to an overclocking CPU in the future and want SLI/CF. If not really planning on overclocking, or doing very mild overclocks, and want SLI/CF a Z97 extreme3 would work fine. Otherwise an H97 Pro4.
  8. Thanks! Can you help me choose the parts from this list? Intel or AMD would work. my budget would be Php20000. Thanks again!
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