CPUID HWMonitor incorrect readings?

So I looked in my bios and my CPU was idling at 55-60C which concerned me. I downloaded CPUID HWMonitor. Looking at the temps on there my CPU seems to be idling at 35-40C. Is CPUID wrong? Which is likely to be the correct reading?

PS: I'm looking at getting a better heat sink soon, will most likely get a H80i because of the performance and it will fit nicely with my high profile ram. If you have any recommendations about heat sinks I should get (air or water) that would work nicely with high profile ram, let me know.

MB: MSI z87-G45
CPU: i7 4770k
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  1. Try coretemp and see if it's reads closer to your mobo or HWMonitor. That should give you a better indication of which program is wrong.
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