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  1. The computer will be fine once you purchase a different power cable that goes from the power supply to the outlet but I am not sure if the outlets in Japan are the same as the outlets in Australia. Double to see that '100-240V 50-60Hz' is printed on the power supply label. Double check on the monitor specifications that is 'printed' on the back panel of the monitor or on the power brick for "120v~-240v" or "120v~-220v". It should be on there somewhere.
  2. I think you will need a transformer as they use 100v 50-60Hz in Japan. Unless the power supply and monitor are rated for 100-240v as pondering said. In that case you will only need an adapter, or a new power cable.
  3. Your PSU has active PFC which comes with the side benefit of universal input voltage, generally they will do 96-264V 50-60 Hz. All you will need is the power cord that runs from the PSU to the wall outlet for the new country.

    The whole point of the PSU is that they shield the internal components from the outside world, the SSD in your system has no clue, nor does it care, where it is from and where it is now, it will work just fine.
  4. That's good to know, thanks for the info about active PFC hunter315 ^^
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