is PLS better then IPS monitor tech

hi I was wondering wich is best ah-ips, pls, or IPS for color and gaming
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    Most say that PLS is better for gaming and IPS is the best for color but the blackest blacks and whitest whites are very close to each other on these panel types (ah-ips,pls,ips). Their color consistency, viewing angles, GTG & actual response time, and OSD's are very similar to each other. In any case any of these panel types destroy any TN panel out there for color accuracy, however PLS was a cheaper alternative initiated by Samsung, in which have slightly worse viewing angles(very small to the point of being insignificant). Another issue which is that gamma shifts when PLS panels are overclocked but this is easily remedied with a custom .icc profile and if your really serious about color, a color calibration tool.
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