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So i have a question. I notice most pc monitors have 2-8 ms response time. Most LED/Plasma/LCD Tv's have way higher response times in the double digits. I hear people talk about when getting a monitor you should opt out for 8ms or lower for gaming so as to nor experience hd lag but ive seen higher end HD Tv's that are still in the double digits of ms response time not have any hd lag. Whats my confusion? Is there a different relationship between ms time in tv's and monitors? Whats a good response time for each when it comes to gaming in order to not experience hd lag?
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  1. it's the hardware inside. use the monitors for computer applications, and tv's for watching..most people even use monitors for console gaming now, though most tv's have a gaming mode to make playing on them bearable. Plasma is the worst for gaming
  2. That didnt really answer my question at all.
  3. Great question stackvibe, I was wondering the same thing myself. Hopefully someone in the know can answer it.
  4. The relationship of response and lag is the same with tvs and monitors. Its perceivable more on monitors I would expect due to being closer to it, and pcs generally running higher frame rates. Consoles run a much lower frame rates usually making the lower response of monitors less noticeable.
  5. Response time between a tv and monitor mean the same thing. You will notice the response time more on computer applications then on tv and console applications especially after given many hours into it. Someone who only uses computers sparingly or for general use such as web browsing and documents and even watching most videos are not going to notice the difference. If you are a hardcore gamer and prefer pc gaming you will notice the particular details that 8ms entail on a monitor. FPS gaming for instance is much different between a PC and a console (or used to be, I believe the current gen systems are coming closer to accurate). You have faster reflexes on a PC then on console. Though again the consoles are getting really close. Besides gaming and particular video applications such as extreme HD Photoshop and movie making there is no difference between monitor and TV.

    tl;dr Unless you're a hardcore computer user a TV is a better choice than a monitor. The response time will only be noticed by those who spend more time on a computer.
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