hdmi doesnt work after new gpu and psu installation

so here is the deal. A week ago i got a palit gtx 660 2gb and a coolermaster b600 to match it. I put everything in the case correctly and i turned the power on. Fans were spinning properly everywhere but my hdmi display at my monitor said no signal. So i took the case to an expert and he said he fixed it and that it would take a bit for the pc to post. However, he used a vga cable with a vga to dvi i adapter . When i got my pc back i put in the hdmi cable and it still says no signal. I put back the old card ( msi gt 630 ) and i tried plugging the hdmi cable and it says no signal despite i had this exactly before i tried upgrading my pc. The pc expert put the cd drivers of the new card.Any advice will be appreciated and thank you for taking a look at my problem
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  1. hdmi may not work as I found and had to go dvi-card to hdmi-monitor/hdtv all works good on that
  2. thank you for the advice man , i will try it :)
  3. hope it works out all I can do is give you my input on it
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