AV Receivers with Network connections

It's been a LONG time since i was here.

1st up, a request.
There is no subsection for AV Receivers in the Entertainment section... shouldn't there be one by now?

I have a Yamaha RXV2700 Network Receiver.
Thing is, the network functions are only for audio. I'm not sure how much video i plan to stream (from web or PC) but i would like to keep my options open before committing to only audio.

There are so many options these days for streaming a/v to one's Home Theatre it's nuts.

Apple TV is really nice...(GUI, wireless, content...) its something i have been thinking to get, but is it worth it? is there anything better for Streaming media from the web or home computer.

I have an older PC, and a MAC laptop... In a year or so i may get a Mac Pro, (yes, i am switching to the dark side...sorry).

Help, Suggestion, Ideas... would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I have the same receiver. I admit, I've only played around with that feature a little. Oppo Digital makes some neat stuff but I don't know if I would say that it's really worth investing in something like that. I'd say it's more for people who have extra cash and don't want to help their fellow men. :D
  2. oppo appears to only make dvd players.
    I'm looking for network functionality. but thanks.

    BTW, what do you mean by "don't want to help their fellow men"
  3. I still haven't decided on what to do, and now there are more solutions out there.
    my sister just got the same model RXV2700, and i have a feeling she'll be asking me what she should do too.

    Again, i really like what i see with the TV, but i'm not sure i'm convinced its the best choice.

    BTW, I just got an email notification that 'Kamikazi2142' posted in this thread but i see nothing.
  4. neither do i, and i know very little about macs but here i go with a try....

    HTPC sounds like your best bet.

    you have WiFi? you have spare laptop/computer? strip it of misc software and link it to the HDTV with an HDMI cable and you are good to go. setup the media streaming options from the host PC and access it from the HTPC. idk a thing about MAC aside from they are all just a bunch of zombifying communists exuberantly wasting society's money on the same junk with a different number....

    if you use your laptop as your HTPC you can go from room to room linked via wifi streaming the files from your server. I know not if you have fixed up a solution in the past 4 years, please let me know if you have, within the past 4 years my knowledge on networking, PC building, and routers has greatly increased, so if you need any assistance with anything please do ask.

    i heavily recommend against MAC... just sayin...

    btw the proper spelling for "Beligerantly" is "Exuberantly" never new this, thought you might like to know.... stupid auto correct....
  5. thanks Kamikazi... better late then never?

    I have since upgraded to an RXV3900. 2 years newer, and will likely be replacing that soon enough too with an RXA2010.

    Yamaha has an excellent app now that can controls the unit and plays music for my phone or connected computer. its actually better than their own remote... well faster anyway.

    I never replaced that tower. :P it died and i have been using this 10+ year old PowerBook G4 1.33GHz 786MB RAM

    it's time to replace it.

    I'm a graphic designer, and use Mac at work. So it makes sense for us to stick to that. Considering the retina now. If your dead set against apple, I'll take a look at a PC laptop... if you have any suggestions.
  6. i've once used an HP Elitebook that was pretty awesome, there are a few lower end laptops that are outright gold from Samsung and Toshiba, ASUS makes some great laptops, really boils down to how much power you need, if you're doing some demanding graphic rendering like CG animation or character modeling then i recommend either the Elitebook or an ASUS laptop, i remember the HP Elitebook had an ATI Firepro graphic design GPU in it, i'm sure there are such options from ASUS too.
  7. my god, sorry for how late i was, i only recently discovered the notifications box in the upper right corner of the website.
  8. Kamikazi2142 said:
    my god, sorry for how late i was, i only recently discovered the notifications box in the upper right corner of the website.

    LOL that was quite some time ago :P thanks for writing back though.

    I have recently moved, so I'll be looking into so many new options now.
    we ended up with a new retina PowerBook. Its what the wife wanted.

    For my dad i plan to get him an apple TV. he wants to stream his iPad to the TV and wants Netflix. so that seems like a reasonable solution for him.

    once i play with that i'll have a better idea of wether i like that or not.

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