No video or audio with HDMI from laptop to home theatre

I have a Sony BDVE780W home theatre system and a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop. The home cinema system works perfectly for everything, including when I connect my PS3 to HDMI input. But when I use the same cable and input to connect to my laptop I dont get any video or audio.

Also when I connect my laptop directly to TV there is no problem, both audio and video work perfectly but I really would like to connect my laptop to home theatre via the HDMI input to use speakers.

Please help!
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  1. You have to open the audio software in the Dell, and set the output to HDMI.
  2. aamir2727
    I have similar problem but with PC->home theatre connection, no video, nor sound, works perfectly when connected directly to the TV.
    Have you found any solution to this problem yet ?
  3. Does the computer recognize the monitor? Go to Start => Control Panel => Display
    Does it show a second device connected? If so, you might just have to enable it by selecting "extend to this display".

    If not it most likely is that the equipment can't agree on the format of the signal. The HT system might be trying to suggest a higher resolution to the laptop than it can support. You might try to change the TV settings to less resolution.
    This can be a tricky situation. Hopefully someone else will chime in...
  4. good info,You might try to change the TV settings to less resolution. thank you
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