My MSI GTX 760 Twinfrozr Worst Over clocker ever

I can't even get my card past +40 MHz core clock and not even any higher memory clock unless im doing something wrong.

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  1. is the boost speed stable? you say that 1060 is unstable, but the card has a boost speed of much higher...
  2. Yes when i use the MSI Gaming app i can get 1215MHz but i can't stream or capture because it changes the drivers so i capture a black screen :P
  3. it changes the drivers? or do you mean the driver crashes? run a stress test like furmark after every overclock, and run it for a few hours once you get to very high clock speeds.
  4. iv done burn tests they are all good at +100MHz when i use MSI Kombustor, it reset the clock on
    Unigine Heaven and valley, +40MHz is the stable that can do 5 benchmarking tests if i go up 1 more MHz it will reset clock after benchmarking runs
  5. use a different program to overclock, ive had problems with msi afterburner before, and you might aswell.
  6. Okay Any Recommendations?
  7. Gigabyte OC Guru, Sapphire TriXX, EVGA Precision are all good tools.
  8. Danbuscus25 said:
    Gigabyte OC Guru, Sapphire TriXX, EVGA Precision are all good tools.

    Okay ill Update the post if its the program being buggy
  9. i tried gigabyte OC and EVGA Precision i must truly have the worst card for OverClocking :'(
  10. well, that stinks :( nothing you can do about it though, as it works fine at stock speeds it is considered non-defective.
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