Is a DIY laserdisc player a possibility with COTS parts?

Is a DIY laserdisc player a possibility with COTS (commercial off the shelf) parts?

I've looked on the web for something like this and all i find are people who have made their own cd players from scratch.

Is this something even remotely possible with a laserdisc player? I know many would say that it isn't, but I would be surprised if no one has ever tried it.

It would be a project I would try but can't seem to find enough documentation to even get started.
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  1. Just out of curiousity here. Would it not be possible to use a microscope to take pictures of the pits and lands on a laserdisc and then use a computer to analyze the pictures and measure the distances between the pits and lands and then extract the video and audio information this way? Wouldn't this eliminate crosstalk and much of the noise inherent in watching a laserdisc via a standard player? Am I too far out in left field on this? I am just asking because I and many others want to capture some movies on laserdisc with the highest possible quality for archival purposes.
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