Pioneer CLD-M301 sounds like a banshee

Thinking it's a bad spindle but mine squeals very loudly and has a hard time playing LDs. One it plays only in B&W and picture is very wombly. Other LD plays at insane forward speed.

Any idea where I could get a replacement spindle for less than an used LD off eBay? Or should I put it away for spare part and get another LD instead?
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  1. I found that connector you were looking for
    Cindy, is this the thing you were looking for?

    It's on the list of computer accessories and parts. They have the DVI video thing to convert that jap monitor to work with your other computer. Just about any other kind of wire adaptor, usb connectors, monitor extension wires, ps2 extention wires, and all kinds of female and male swap connectors and things that I think would help your shop. If that above link don't work then goto and click on computer accessories. Let me know if that is what you need and give me your email address again.
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