combining a Tivo Series 2 and a Comcast DCT6412???

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I just upgraded my Comcast cable to HDTV with the Motorola DCT6412. It
only has 15 hours of HDTV recording available. I want to use my old
Tivo Series 2 to record shows in non-HDTV mode. I have hooked the two
units together but I cannot get the Tivo to change the channels on the
Motorola DCT6412. I have moved the IR blaster cables to every position
on the front of the Motorola box .. no luck. I also have an IR cable
with a male on both ends and tried to plug it into both the Tivo and
the Comcast boxes but the Tivo will still not change the channels on
the Motorola DCT6412. Any ideas? Has anyone hooked these two units
together successfully?
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    With most cable providers, you get free analog cable along with the
    digital signal. Usually, if you plug the cable directly into your TV,
    you can see the analog feed for all the basic cable channels (1-69,
    1-99, or somesuch).

    This works really nicely for TiVo. Split the cable (with a garden
    variety signal splitter ... see Radio Shack) and feed one input to the
    6412 and one to the RF input on the TiVo. Connect the 6412 and the
    TiVo's outputs to separate inputs on your television set.

    Once you configure the TiVo correctly ("use without a cable box" ...
    you may have to repeat the whole guided setup options again), you can
    use the 6412 and TiVo completely independently. You can even record
    three things at once (one non-HD on TiVo, and two HD or non-HD on the

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