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I finally got a download of the EPG earlier this week, and the listings
have been there ever since.

My question: When the EPG does download how many days download in one
hit? Since I've had the EPG for 4 days now was that all from one
download? Or does that mean the it has downloaded more than once and
thing is finally working properly again?

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God bless the USA

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?)

    In my experience,a 4DTV download is a continual process projecting about
    7 days into the future.I do not see how it can recognize beyond
    that,because when you hit the "NEXT" button to indicate what day of the
    week you want,it has no idea if the day is THIS WEEK (current) or NEXT
    WEEK.It would have been nice if you could specify the day by
    date/time,but of course that would involve more memory capability.
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