GFX Card and Onboard Video issues

I have a Nvidia GTX 630 GFX Card, and it goes to my display, I have onboard HDMI and I would like it to go to my living room TV for streaming. I can only get one or the other to show, can I get both? TV would be secondary, and will the HDMI carry audio? Im so-so with this stuff, but this gui BIOS and all the glam of the asus gryphon Z87 MB has gotten me stumped, Thoughts?
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  1. most motherboards disable the built in video when you put a card in. IT won't let you use both. The 630 doesn't have HDMI on it? What ports does it have?
  2. It has 2 HDMI, and a smaller hdmi. Would it be best to go into that? is it a good idea to get an adapter as it is smaller than the regular hdmi. Also, does anyone know if it will put out Audio? I read the manuals and searched online but nothing is quite the same. THANK YOU!
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