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Can i bring back the issue of composite output quality as my last post
was not answered to...

This page claims the X0 outputs the composite video differently than
most other decks:

I'll quote from it:
<<The XØ's composite output picks up the video stream before it is
broken into chroma and luma. This seemingly-small detail allows us to
use today's superior methods of processing the 'raw' composite signal,
whereas nearly all other players separate first -with now-obsolete
components- and then recombine to form the composite output. This
means the composite signal has already been through a bunch of outdated
processing before you can get at it. Even the much-lauded CLD-97 and
CLD-99 players do internal Y/C separation prior to noise reduction and
then recombine Y and C to create the composite signal. >>

This info is what i have seen in the X0 manual as well, and posted here

Is it correct ?

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    Well, I have heard that before to. That the X0 gives a CLEAN composite
    signal out of the BNC output. Hope Kurtis or someone else can give us
    more facts.

    /Mattias - proud X0 owner
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    Mattias, can you scan the X0 manual where it explains this feature with
    a diagram, and post it ?
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