Run 2 GTX 660 SLI on one single power cable

As I said in the title, I am about to buy one more GTX 660 to run SLI in my system.
The thing is the power cable I am using for the current card still have a slot for one more (660 requires 6 pin, the cable has 2x6-pin and 2x2-pin connectors)
So if I use this slot for the new card, is it bad? I am considering this cuz adding another cable doesnt seem nice to the case :(

Info current:
1 GTX 660 (gigabyte)
PSU : Corsair RM850 (all cables are from the RM850 box)
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  1. So your GTX 660 requires one 6 pin power connector, but your power supply has two 6+2 pin pcie cables? Thats perfectly fine.
    Edit: Thats perfectly fune ;)
  2. haha, thanks man
  3. Be sure to check the cable regularly if you do give it a go, if the cable gets too warm under load bad things may happen.
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