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I've got a new system coming soon. And then i realized that i have a a 1280x1024 monitor, with no HDMI port, but only VGA. I will be getting a monitor soon, but not before i get my PC. Is it going to matter too much, if I use a 42" 1920x1080 TV for the time being?

Ill get the new 24" monitor later in the year

SO will it matter?

BTW, i have an ASUS R9 270X GFX...
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  1. No, it won't matter.
  2. ThatVietGuy said:
    No, it won't matter.

    Actually, i meant, will it reduce the performance of my GFX? Will i get lower Frame Rates as compared to playing on a 24" monitor?
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    The size of the monitor doesn't determine the performance, it's the resolution. Running 1080p will require more resources than running at 720p. So, if you're going to run at 1080p regardless of display anyway it's a moot point.
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