Sempron 145 2.8 vs Pentium G3220 Dual Core 3.0 Question?

Im planning on building another ubuntu server. My current one is just my old toshiba laptop with 4 gigs of ram and works great. The one thing I want to do with this new server is have maybe one or two headless windows vm (running virtualbox). The windows vm will be running sql server on it (only for my use). Im going to put 16gigs of ram and a 4tb hard drive on it.

Since im running it in my house i want to use a lower power cpu to save on electricity bill. My question will either one be sufficient to run 1/2 headless vms?
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  1. I use the Pentium G3220, and would recommend that over the Sempron. It should do that and more.

    If you're worried about power consumption, you should think more about your power supply. Low CPU power means nothing if the PSU is only 75% efficient. Make sure you use something 80+ Gold or higher.

    Ideally, you'd want to use a Core i3-4130T, which runs 4 threads at a 35W TDP. However, this costs $130, about double the price of the other two. I just thought it was worth mentioning since you'll already spend a quite a bit on the RAM and HDD.
  2. Thanks for the input on the power supply and cpu. I didn't even think about those things.
  3. adviner said:
    Thanks for the input on the power supply and cpu. I didn't even think about those things.

    Sure! Conveniently, Tom's just did a review of several high-efficiency, low-wattage models. http://

    Any of these will do quite well. If you want to spend a bit less, I really like this unit.
    I'm really not sure why it wasn't included in the article; it's efficient, super quiet (at least, in my experience), and has a ridiculous seven year warranty.
  4. awesome thanks again. I was just looking at the power supplies also this makes for good reading
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