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My DVL909 quit working, the trays wont open and the only response is the
blue led above the trays blinking when a button is pushed. Power button
works and I can hear a relay clicking when power comes on. Where should I
start looking for the problem and how can I get the trays to open manually?
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    Hi! I had the same problem a few weeks ago. In my case, the flex cables
    (which interface the transport PCB with the laser-pickup) had a loose
    contact (wires inside the flex were broken). I had to give it to
    Pioneer for service (and lost around 100 Euros, but it was a good
    investment anyway, since the serviceman has cleaned the transport and
    added new lubricate). Be careful when transporting the unit to the
    service, since the pickup is not parked and shock during transport
    might cause severe damage. Don't try to fix it yourself.

    Regards, Torsten
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