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hi my name is WarStoke and I'm looking for a few good FAQ writers and
some of you gaming gurus out there.
I'm trying to make a new website dedicated to helping people solve
there gaming problems. lets face it some of these companies release
buggy games and then move on never releasing patches or any thing else
so i figure why not try and steal some people from the avaults and the
gamefaqs and usenet and the various other places around the net
and strike out and make my own
i need members and writers
members every thing will be free

writers if some thing your write is accepted ill add it to a FAQs page
or articles page and you can have 1 banner add (no adult content,and
nothing that violates google adsence tos) at the foot of the article,
Text links would be best for now until the number of members picks up
enough so that i can afford better hosting.

if your interested come on over.

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    Sounds like a good idea, I need some help with Impossible Mission for
    the Atari 7800. No matter how I try, I just can't seem to finish it.
    It's been like over 15 years of frustration. I don't think I should
    expect a patch anytime soon either!

    = numsix
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    Well, I have some sad news for you from

    "When they named this game, they weren't kidding. Due to a
    programming glitch, the NTSC version of this game actually is
    impossible. Some of the pieces you need to complete the game were
    hidden under computer terminals, but the terminals cannot be searched.
    This was fixed with the PAL version however."
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    Sorry, apparently it was a joke?

    = numsix
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