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Anybody else play the GBC version of Centipede? IMO, it's one of the
very best home versions EVER!
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    GBC version of Centipede? Do you mean the GCC version of Millipede (for
    the 2600)?
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    Nope, I mean the Game Boy Color version of Centipede. My Majesco.
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    Mah mah mah, my Majesco!

    The GB homebrew version of Yar's Revenge is A+. I can't remember if it
    was the same as the version that Telegames published.
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    Oops, bad. I think I have played the GBC version of Centipede, and
    I agree that it's one of the best home versions of Centipede. Of course
    I'm partial to the 5200/Atari 8-bit computers and the 7800 versions
    (5200/8-bits because of the POKEY, and the 7800 for arcade-quality
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