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Hi All

Wonder if I could ask the advice of the gurus :o)

I have picked up a copy of CLIFFHANGER PILH-1007 (Muse Hi Vision
version) as part of a bulk purchase recently, and I dont have a Hi
Vision player (I wish!!) so will probably be listing this on EBay in
the coming weeks. Could I ask, does anyone know what they fetch? I have
heard varied stories but have searched and not spotted any sold
recently. I'm in the UK but will be listing it worldwide. It's in
excellent condition and is complete with outer sleeve, insert and
original slot-in cd-style inner sleeve.

Kind Regards, LJ
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    3 Hi-Vision sold for $50 about 2 years ago, but it was more of a
    mistake. I guess selling it below $200 would be quite a disappointment.

    Especially Cliffhanger has a lot of outdoor bright scenes that shows
    good results with MUSE compression (dark scenes are always a problem
    for compression algorithms, less data to work with). Mountains
    landscapes really render well.


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    Thanks Julien, appreciate your assistance & info. Regards, Mark
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    You see, I wasn't wrong ^_^;

    I said $200+ and it ended at $480+ !


    http://LDDb.com/ - LaserDisc Database
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    Sorry LJ, but I bet that the eBay deal will fail. Both high bidders are
    not newcomers to the MUSE scene and know very well that this disc is
    available right away for much cheaper elsewhere, for example here:


    Possibly they were lost in the GBP / USD conversion rate, sometimes
    people take it the other way round. That would explain the high bid,
    and "legitimize" the retraction.
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    Yep, you are right, it failed. And I thought it would. Well, the
    highest bidder, while you say might not be a newcomer to the MUSE
    scene, must be a newcomer to the EBay scene for sure, as he bid more
    than he could afford, and far mor than it was worth. Why do people do
    that? EBay kindly translates your bid into your local currency as you
    place it.... Oh well :o) As long as I get my $40 worth of listing and
    final value fees back, all will be fine and dandy. LOL My loss was
    someone else's gain, as the second highest bidder was alerted to a
    cheaper option, and he's buying from elsewhere. So, hehe, we'll go for
    bidder number three, and if he's not interested, Julien, you were
    fourth in the list, the option may pass to you... If you are still
    interested of course !!!
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