Can I use a 600 watt psu with the xfx r9 280 even if my 12v rail has only 23 amp's ?

I recently bought a XFX R9 280 and i would like to know if it works with my 600 w PSU even if the 12v1 rail was only 23 amp's and the 12v2 rail has only 25 amp's

Pc specs:
i5 4570
gryphon z87
4gb hyperx black
1 tb seagate barracuda hdd
corsair h75
and 4 fans

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  1. Whats the PSU?
    so far is a stable PSU but i will be buying a CX750M soon is just to know if i can run it now because i am a little concerned to plug the graphics card in

    R9 280 link:

  3. I would also be buying CX750m aswell , u just dont take risk.
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