Help building new work PC (PS & AE) $1400-1700

Hello, how are you all?

I'm in need of purchasing a new build since I'm spending half of the time in front of the computer waiting for it to un-freeze nowadays instead of working. I'm new to the forums, and really, any contribution is sincerely appreciated.

Please notice, I'm from Argentina, that means two things, technology is way more expensive (usually 30-50%), and also we don't have as many different "providers" as North America/Europe.

I need to buy a whole new build (motherboard, cpu, ram, storage, power supply, case), but not planning to get a new GPU. I may get a new one soon enough, except someone manages to make a good one fall within the budget.

I'm working since 3-4 years with a really outdated PC of an i7 870 @ 2,93, 4gb ddr3 on a DH55HC motherboard, with a 'decent' GPU that I intend to keep for now, GTX 465

My budget stands along $1400-1700 but the idea is to buy something that "lasts". For example, I want the motherboard to be series 9 so in a few years if I need it I can switch to a 5th gen. I'd want it to be able to get 32gb so I have room to upgrade from 16gb. I'm not really a gamer for quite some time but I'd like to have something that runs modern games with no real difficulty, I'd be most likely trying GTA V, the new Assassin's Creed, and a few more.

The PC will be almost entirely used for WORK. I'm a web designer, I find myself working on Photoshop with reaaally complex and heavy .PSDs. I'm also a motion designer, always working with After Effects but generally for 2D projects, haven't really got myself into 3D. After Effects rendering is a huge problem nowadays though and you wouldn't believe how many times it lags or crashes even when I'm not RAM previewing or rendering, when I'm merely editing on it.

I'm planning on buying within 2-3 weeks at most, no need to buy a monitor (got two LG 23EA53V coming next week, it's one of the best cheap IPS we can get around here), no need for OS, never really overclocked: perhaps one day I would but if there's any risk of damaging the hardware or making it last less, I'm not really interested. Ehm I'm an intel fan.

Last thing to notice, you'll see that for the links sent here, prices are in ARS. Do not use official currency rates when changing to USD, given that there's a parallel market (due to restrictions on physical USD). If you want to convert from ARS to USD, just divide by ten. 1 USD = 10 ARS, that'd be the realistic conversion nowadays.

INTEL CORE I7 4790K 4.0hz - $4200 ARS - $420
ASUS SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK2 - $2400 ARS - $240 - is the motherboard more than what I need? Should I go with an H97?
ASUS H97M-PLUS - $1500 ARS - $150
CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) 1600mhz - latency 9- $2050 ARS - $205
SEAGATE Barracuda 2TB - $1120 ARS - $112 - should I get a WD black of 1TB for almost this same price? Does it offer better speeds?
SAMSUNG 840 EVO 250GB SATA 6GB/S - $2000 ARS - $200
NZXT PHANTOM 410 - $1461 ARS - $146 - is this case more than what I need?

TOTAL SO FAR: $1323 - $1233. No idea on the power supply needed or the coolers. One of the stores I'm linking to (check the next paragraph) only has quite "great" power supplies it seems. I wanted to hear your recommendations whether I should keep the GTX 465, or get a new GPU, like a 760, if it justifies the expense, or if I should wait half a year and get 2x 760. Please have this "tip" in mind when advicing on the power supply.

If you want to provide links, it would be awesome if you could do so checking the same sites I sent you, (this one has by far the cheapest prices in Argentina) and (this one is kind of like an Ebay of here).

Thank you a lot from taking the time to read. Thanks in advance to any contribution too.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm quite ignorant on these subjects and on builds in general.

Cheers from Argentina!
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  1. Yes, just go for H97 if not overclocking. If you wait half a year, you can probably get a 870 releasing soon.

    Don't get WD back, if you only need 1TB go for the 1 TB WD Blue or Segate Barrauda
  2. Thank you, your motherboard suggestion saves me $90 :)
    Is there any estimation on the 870 pricing yet? The reason of delaying the gpu is more oriented on what my needs are rather than the best moment of purchasing one. I see the 770 is like $500 so I can only imagine how much the 870 will be hah. On the HDD, thought perhaps the black had way better performance and that was the cost difference, but no, will stick with the 2tb barracuda, thanks!
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