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Hi. I'm getting rid of my loft full of retro items including:-

Acetronic and Games
Big Trak and trailer
Apple IIe with 2 disk drives, monitor and printer
Intertron with instructions and games
Megadrive and MegaCD with games
Spectrum games (loads)
Videopac (boxed) and games
Intellivision games
BBC with games and manuals
Loads of Amigas and games
CBM Plus4 and games
CBM16 with manuals and games

.........And loads more. All in one auction.

Click (or copy)link if interested.


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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.video.classic (More info?)

    Wow, this is an amazing lot. Unfortunately for me it's in the UK, and
    unfortunately for many others it's pickup only. Fortunately, for someone
    nearby, they're going to get an amazing deal.
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