Can I use a 600 watt psu with the xfx r9 280 even if my 12v rail has only 23 amp's ?

I recently bought a XFX R9 280 and i would like to know if it works with my 600 w PSU even if the 12v1 rail was only 23 amp's and the 12v2 rail has only 25 amp's

Pc specs:
i5 4570
gryphon z87
4gb hyperx black
1 tb seagate barracuda hdd
corsair h75
and 4 fans

PSU Link:
R9 280 Link:

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  1. I would definitely not use recommend using an R9 280 on that PSU. Tahiti is power-hungry and although I power my 7970 on a 550W PSU its far more efficient. If you're really strung out on your budget then just lower your standards for your card a little and invest in a better PSU.
  2. First of all,the PSU is not branded and is not at all recommended to pair a R9 280. A XFX 550W/Seasonic 520W/corsair CX500 is far more efficient than that local PSU.The 280 consumes 200W of power but you should not bump it over that PSU. A severe crash would be enough to damage the GPU.
    Get a XFX Pro 550W instead.
  3. Well i've already installed everything and is working so far but i will buy a corsair cx 750m so I think that is more than enough
  4. according the the specs…your power supply has two rails one at 23a and the other at 25a. if the specs are true and the power supply does actually provide what it is advertising you will have no problem. it also says the supply has ocp and ovp(over current/voltage protection) so it "should" shutdown and protect itself and other components if you try to go over… though your setup will never come close to drawing 48a total on the 12v section.

    my power supply is very similar, although its one that has actual reviews, with dual 12v rails rated at 25a each and i had no problem powering my hd7950(r9-280) over clocked and it has no problems now powering my classy 780 over clocked, also paired with an over clocked 2500k.

    no… do not buy the cx750m…. there are many better power supplies like the xfx 550w bronze or the antic 620w high current gamer.

    down the road "should" replace this power supply if you want piece of mind since yours is a crap shoot and nobody is going to have a clue on what the quality of its build components is.
  5. of course i'll have that in mind when i buy the power supply next month

    Thanks a lot
  6. Rodrigo -

    HERE is a list of power supplies which is ranked according to quality. Use this list when shopping for a PSU. Pick one from Tier 1 or Tier 2. As you can see, the LC PSUs are listed as Tier 4:
    Tier four - Not for overclocking systems or high end gaming rigs. May not even output labeled power and fail standard ATX specifications slightly. May even use cheap components to meet a price

  7. how about this one
    XFX 650W XTR
    or probably this one
    650W TS Gold
    or this one
    XFX Pro 750W Core Edition
  8. any power supply from xfx is more than decent.... their just rebranded seasonic units. the pro models are gold certified and excellent power supplies... though you dont need 750w unless you plan on overclocking your cpu(which you cant since its not a 'k' processor) and you want to run sli/cfx graphics cards. the xfx 550w unit is still more than enough for your setup even if you wanted to run an r9-290x or a 780ti.

    review as far as build quality is simply excellent.

    if you can afford that 650w pro... just get it. if you ever want to upgrade to a higher end unlocked intel processor for overclocking and upgrade to a upper echelon power hungry graphics card... you will still have plenty of headroom. otherwise the 550w ts unit is still a high quality build though slightly less efficient with a bronze rating and without the modular cables... but still enough power for a modestly overclocked 4790k+r9-290x/780ti.... though one usually would just go with the 650w pro if they had the money for a 4790k+r9-290x/780ti.
  10. okay thanks
  11. No,the Cx750M is not recommended. Instead of that you can buy a corsair CS550/650M or XFX PRO 550W.
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