Networking with a Wireless Access Point at the end of a Powerline Adapter?

TWC recently upgraded me from 15/1 to 50/5. Now, I discovered that a few of my wireless devices at the opposite end of the house max out at 20/5. Of course it wasn't a problem when I was maxing out the connection at 15/1, but now I would like to get the full benefit of my new internet speeds.

This is my current setup:
Modem: Motorola SB6121
Router: DLink DIR-645
Wireless Repeater: Edimax EW-7228APn (usable as a wireless access point)

I have a desktop computer wired to the DIR-645, and my printer and a couple gaming devices connect to the DIR-645 wirelessly.

On the opposite side of the house I have the EW-7228APn in repeater mode and there is one desktop and one laptop connecting to that wirelessly along with various wireless mobile devices like ipad/iphone, etc. As I said before the devices accessing the repeater only get 20/5, and I am trying to fix this.

I was looking into various solutions, and I am thinking of adding a pair of powerline adapters to my network. One adapter would be wired to the router, and the other would be wired to the EW-7228APn's WAN port and I would start using it as a wireless access point, not a repeater.

Will this work? Will all the devices on opposite ends of the house be able to see each other? The most important thing for me is that I am able to use the printer from the devices that are connected to the EW-7228APn.

If you have a better alternate solution to my powerline idea I would also love to hear it.
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  1. Yes you could hook it to one of the EW-7228APn LAN ports and use it as an access point. The catch is it may be better, the same, or even worse than what you have now. Powerline Adapters have vastly different results depending on the house they are used in (and its wiring scheme and what all is plugged into the house wiring). It may give you a huge increase or you may see your speed drop to 5Mb/s. You will just have to try it out to see.
    Of course the best would be to pull a cat5e ethernet cable between the two. If that is not possible then you have to go with powerline or MOCA (ethernet over COAX).
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