Decision on one of two monitors (ASUS Rog Swift PG278Q or LG34UM95).

Hello all. First, thank you very much for your constructive comments, thoughts, knowledge and your time.

I am going to buy a new monitor 'soon' (I can wait a while if need be). I have decided on either the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q or the LG34UM95. I'm not really interested in 4K.

Okay. I play a few games; COD Ghost and TitanFall, about 2 hours a night. I'm not a very good player, but I have a lot of fun, I camp alot. :) I do not have a TV so my monitor is used to watch everything, 'a lot' of movies (DVD, BluRay, Netflix Streaming), Hulu, etc. I type a lot, read websites, every day stuff. Reading text is important to me.

My present monitor is a Samsung 27" SMS27A350H; 1920 x 1080.

They are 'kind of' different monitors, yet have some of the same characteristics. 1ms/5ms, both are basically 2560x1440, TN/IPS, etc. Now the LG seems to have a few problems but will a little time solve that with a R2/3? I thought about the DELL 3014U but it seemed to have to many problems. Also, there is a DELL U3415W coming out 'soonish'. I've even thought about Korean monitors.

As I don't have a TV and use my monitor for all viewing, I can spend around $1200 or so.

So, please ask any questions as to assist in making a more valued decision.

Thank you again for your time.

NoviceNob :)
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    Hi there! Thanks for posting.
    Go for the Swift! It's an incredible monitor, and Gsync is really good. :D
    The LG is too wide for movies, and you'll see plenty of screen tearing or stuttering in games.
  2. If you use this more for movies and television go with IPS. Colors and picture much much better.

    Now if gaming is your number one concern go with the pg278q. The big problem might be is the pg278q only has display port. Want to connect and play through hdmi or other devices? Not on this pg278q. In that case go with beautiful IPS display. If you play at 120 fps and are ok with bad color and viewing angles go with pg278q.

    I don't care about color or pretty pictures so I will get Asus model. Wife gets a Nice ips cause she does pictures, videos and watches movies.
  3. Ha. The Swift has great colours and viewing angles. Better than any other TN display. You would know this if you actually looked at any reviews.
  4. do not ever buy the 34um95, I bought 2 weeks ago and I had to return it for the great input lag, I'm hoping to pg278q asus
  5. IPS displays generally have pretty bad input lag. I know mine does.
  6. Alex Kelly said:
    Ha. The Swift has great colours and viewing angles. Better than any other TN display. You would know this if you actually looked at any reviews.

    Ummm yeahhh ok. So I am in Switzerland staring at an Asus pg278q and a pb278q. He is comparing an IPS and a TN. Not a TN against a TN. The pb is much better picture and better color and better viewing angles hands down. The pg model looks great with fast action on battlefield 4 and COD. But if you look at the same scene in BF4 standing still the PB looks better. Once you are moving fast it's no comparison the PG is better for gaming.

    No offense, seriously. But I would not rely on reviews alone. I would look at them side by side and decide for yourself or at least against another IPS and the PG.
  7. Yeah the IPS will look better, until you actually start playing some games. The Swift also needs to be set up properly to look decent.
  8. @alex

    agreed completely. If you color calibrate the pg model it is better than out of box but they did a good job out of box. Settings were only slightly changed to get color optimized. Even so it's not as good as the ips as you mentioned. If I did more photo edits and video I would go with the pb model. I just hope a 120hz ips is around the corner.
  9. There is a 120Hz IPS display, actually. I'll update this post with a link once I find it. :)

    Edit; here it is.,3879.html
  10. IMHO Go for LG34um95 I have returned 6 asus rog swift trough different sellers and all of them have defects(dead pixel all 6 of them have it. Pixel Inversion, Text Blurry Like ur Tired, Flickering Screen, Screen DoorEffect, Gsync Malfunctioning and Alot more) sometimes u can't see it on first look but afterwards u gonna say Its not worth the money But if you want to deal with the return or refund Go for it but if you past the 15 or 30 days warranty from the seller ur gonna be raging and ur only option is to contact asus and they have a horrible repair or replace process its up to you im not bashing the asus here i just want to share my own opinion, I want a asus rog swift but the quality dissapoint me bigtime so now I own an LG34um95 and the wow factor is real believe me g-sync was good yeah 144hz was good yeah but even u have a gtx 980 sli or titan sli are u sure u dont drop fps? but the decision is up to you i find out quality is better than performance you buying a freaking expensive monitor and i know that u want to keep it for a long time.
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