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I have been away from tomshardware forums for a couple years. The default display for the forum index pages is a challenge to read easily, IMHO.

If I change the display size in my browser (Opera12 or Chrome) by pressing <ctrl + -> not only does it decrease the font size, it makes the forum index 100% of the screen width, which is MUCH easier to read.

default display:

display after <ctrl+->:

For some reason, the default display size seems to be a % of screen width, but that gets changed to 100% width when I press <ctrl+-> *one* time. Further <ctrl+-> presses shrink the size down and reduce display width.

The problem with using the reduced-size, full-width index is that threads that I click on are opened in a font too small to read comfortably.

Is there a setting to change so that the forum index will display full width without having to decrease browser display size?

Hope that was clear. It's easy to see, but difficult to explain!
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  1. what you are referring to is browzer zoom. smaller numbers indicate that you will be zooming out (things appear smaller on screen) while bigger numbers indicate that you are zooming in (things appear larger on screen)

    if you change the zoom level it will stay the same for all other pages you view. if lets say 100% fits the screen completely on the main page, any pages you click on and new tab should also be at this zoom level which should look similar.

    of course i do not use opera (i use chrome mostly and some ie) so i cannot say for certain.

    one thing you might want to look into is text size. its an option in your browser found here which if set to large should allow text to be larger and easier to read. however, this is a browser wide change and would affect all websites you view (you can change it back though)

    what i find strange though is how your ctrl - seems to be making the website look wider. when zooming on chrome the size of objects in relative to one another is constant and they just scale up or down.

    perhaps take a look at chrome and see if you have the same issues?
  2. Obviously what you say is true and correct, but the first press of <control + minus> makes a disproportionate jump to the width of the column for thread titles on the index page. Subsequent presses of <control + minus> make dainty small decreases in font size and proportionate index width.

    It may not be clear in the images above, but for example, notice the size of the first "sticky" topic's font size and the space after it in the first pic (normal, no-zoom display) then compare the font size and space after it in the second pic: The font size barely changed, but the space after the title is MUCH larger. Something other than just browser zoom seems to be at work.

    Default view, no zoom:

    After pressing <ctrl + minus> only once:

    I just noticed that this phenomenon only occurs with the browser full screen on the monitor. If the browser is windowed in a less-than-full-screen size it doesn't work the same way.

    Try this:

    With your browser full screen and normal browser magnification, press <Ctrl + minus> once and notice the change in column size for the forum topics.

    Now with your browser windowed in a smaller size with normal browser magnification, press <Ctrl + minus> once and notice the difference.

    There is something (in the style sheet?) that makes the column size for the thread title column behave differently. I'd like whatever that is to be my default. Yeah, I know. I always wanted a pony, too.
  3. i do not use opera, but in chrome the zoom settings work exactly the same in windowed and full screen. in fact i spend 99% of my time in full screen mode.

    the only exception is in windowed mode where you have the window too small and in such cases it removes the spaces like your "default view, no zoom" in which case it does this because if it was zoomed in (larger) any more it would be wider than the window could handle and does this so you do not have to scroll left/right
  4. Boy, that really is strange. I use Comodo Dragon 33.1, which is a Chromium based browser, and this is what I get (identical to what I get in Opera 12):

    Full-screen, 100% zoom:

    Full-screen, one tap of <ctrl + minus>

    Windowed, 100% zoom:

    Windowed, one tap of <ctrl + minus>
  5. this is how it looks on mine in fullscreen on a 1920x1080 display at 75%, 90%, 100% and 110%
    in chrome web content, font size is set to medium.
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