good monitor at 150 and under (without speakers)

hello. i have already asked for a monitor with speakers for 150 and down, however i have found a solution where i can use a set of speakers i already have. my question is, do you know any good 1080p monitors suitable for gaming with at least 60hz refresh rate (bit of a no-brainer), 7ms or under (don't know if lower response time matters as much) response time, and if within the budget, a monitor that doesn't reflect. would like it if you can find it on amazon.

Thanks in advance
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    60 Hz is doable for that price, more than that you're looking at more than $250 for a decent rig. Here's a pretty good option:
  2. This one it´s really good, it´s IPS so you will have better colors and viewing angles.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. I think I Am going to buy the LG monitor game junky suggested.
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