Build PC around Video Card Needs for TV streaming (Non Gaming)

First off... THANK YOU, I use this site all the time and I appreciate any help given.

I'm looking for the best practical and cost in mind solution... meaning I do not have thousands to drop on the fix and not really worth that much. If the fix is to build a $1,000 system then that's something I would consider.

I need to know what Video Card I should look into for
1 50' 1080 TV,

1 32' 720 TV,

1 19' DVI-D Monitor,

1 VGA would be nice as well. (Bonus but not needed at all)

Honestly, just being able to have both TV's and my DVI monitor would be great.

Issues and questions on this...

1.)2 Hdmi's - Do any video cards offer two HMDI out? I know I can do dvi to HDMI but that will leave me with my next problem

2.) 2 audios to 2 different locations - If I'm streaming netflix on one TV but want the rest my audio on my other TV or computer, is that possible through one video card or would I need 2 sound cards?

3.) Performance - I know HI res gaming requires some of the best video cards but does does dual video stream require the same?

4.) 2 Video cards - is that the best answer? and would it solve the audio issue?

5.) What type of system do I need to power this need?

6.) KVI - is this probably the best solution for my request? I'm totally fine with getting another system to fix this solution

Currently - I unplug the hdmi for one TV and then back to another.

More details

I have a 50 1080 TV that I run a 30ft HDMI cord to. I stream Netflix, Amazon, HBO, popcorn, time, Home pictures and movies to. I prefer to use my PC to stream to this TV.

I also have 32 inch 720 tv that I use (I unplug the 50 and then plug in the 32 tv) to stream the same stuff.

I also have a monitor I use for DVI-D it has the ability of VGA (don't want to use it) and DisplayPort (version 1.2).

I also have a standard VGA monitor laying around that I'd like to use
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  1. I say your biggest stumbling point is goint to be 2 audios to 2 different locations. I tried doing this but Windows itself does not seem to support it (Win7).

    I managed to get audio to flow to my TV through HDMI (videocard), but it still output audio to my PC speakers too (X-Fi). Never found a way to make audio for what is displaying on the TV to only go to the TV and my games through PC speakers. Everything I looked for online pointed to the "Windows cannot do this". Annoyed at that I just built a HTPC and called it a day.
  2. Thank you for your help. I talked with a friend and I'm building another computer ($400) that has a motherboard that supports hdmi, vga, and dvi all at once that I will then use KVI to control both. I appreciate the help
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