Looking TO Buy A New GPU For The Upcoming Gaming Season !!

So as the upcoming months are full of bloody games to play on PC, i am thinking of upgrading my MSI 6850 which has done me proud for the past 3 years and putting it to rest.

So i just wanna play all the upcoming games upto fall 2014 @ fairly high or ultra settings between 30 - 60 fps (including GTA 5 if it comes during that time frame).

I have 900p monitor & may upgrade to a 1080p soon but the base resolution right now is a 900p so which one should i pick ?? 760 or 660ti or a 270x ??

Awaiting answers from you pro's

Thanks in advance

Specs :

1090T X6
8Gigs 1600 MHZ Corsair Vengeance
600W Corsair PSU
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  1. the 760 is the winner in most games. it depends on the game of course but generally it is the winner. And I'd recommend the 760 :)
  2. There is a leak that says that gta v will support mantle, which should give you better framerates with some cards.

    The 760 is usually the winner as iAboodz said, but not nescecerely(forgive my spelling) in mantle supported games.

    As it looks like that you want to play most newer games, and not only GTA V, the 760 is a good choice, and many people like it. It has solid performance, runs quiet and is enough for pretty much everybody who doesn't mind turning down their settings in very intensive games.
  3. That is right, mantle does indeed add more performance to selected games.. But still the 760 is the winner overall.

    PS: To get the true mantle fps increase you need the 4GB version of the card even at 1080p.
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