Building my first computer, need help

Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.

This is my first ever computer build. It will be mainly for gaming and will be playing new games (e.g. Battlefield 4, crysis 3, evolve, the witcher 3, the division etc.). I would prefer to buy all my parts from MSY, so any parts suggestions need to be available from MSY (if it's a really good part then I might consider it). Also I'm already over my budget ($1000, currently all parts cost around $1100 in total), so any parts suggestions need to be less expensive then my current selections (unless I get a huge boost in performance for a few dollars). Basically all I want to know is if my parts fit together and if they're good value for money.

PSU: Antec VP-500P 500W ($60)
Will this be enough power?

MOTHERBOARD: ASRock Z87-PRO4 Intel Z87 Socket 1150 Motherboard ($70)
Will all my parts fit this motherboard?
Is this a good motherboard?

HARDDRIVE: WD 3.5" Blue 500GB WD5000AAKX SATA3 16M 7200rpm HDD ($55)
Will this be fine for gaming? (My budget can't afford an SSD)

CPU: Intel core i5 4690 (includes heat sink, paste and fan) (240)
Is this a good cpu for gaming? (I'm too scared to overclock)
Will the stock heatsink, fan and thermal paste be enough?

GPU: R9 270x($230)
Is this a good GPU?
What settings would I run Crysis 3 at?
What settings will I be able to run future games at (e.g. Evolve, the division, the witcher 3)
What will the FPS be like?
Which version should I get?
(I'm too scared to overclock)

OPTICAL DRIVE: LiteOn IHAS124-OEM Black Internal SATA Dual Layer DVD RW ($17)
Will this optical drive be fine? (I'll probably only use it for installing windows 8)

Static wrist strap ($7)

CASE: Antec GX500B-W Dominator Window USB3.0 Gaming Case without PSU (No PSU) ($60)
Will all my components fit in this case?
Will the stock fans be enough? (I won't be overclocking)
Will my GPU fit?
Should I have negative or positive air pressure? (We have a wood fire, so our house is very dusty)

MONITOR: AOC 21.5" E2260swdn ($130)
Is this a good monitor?

KEYBOARD AND MOUSE: GIGABYTE Wireless Desktop GK-KM7580 Multimedia (K/B+Mouse) ($22)

RAM: Kingston Hyper X Fury HX318C10FK2/8 8GB (2x4GB) Blue ($93)
Will this fit in my motherboard?
Will this be enough ram for gaming?

SOFTWARE: 64bit Microsoft MS Windows 8.1 (WN7-00614) OEM ($107)
Should I get windows 7 or 8?

SECURITY: Symantec Norton Internet Security 2014 OEM - 1 User ($16)
Is this good security?

Any recommendations?
Any tips?

Any feedback would be appreciated. So sorry about all the questions. Thanks in advance.
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  1. First of all dont be scared to overclock, there are so many guides and experts on this website that can help you. Tho if you are going to game, that i5 4690 non k is enough. If you arent going to OC your cpu, dont get a Z motherboard, those are made to increase OC performance with a k cpu, a H mobo should be fine for you.
    That GPU is good but i dont recommend if you want to play some future games, if you could afford a gtx 760 you should get it, or if you can even put a little more money on it, a r9 280x or gtx 770 would be better, but the 760 would be already the sweet spot for 1080p at high settings.
    Psu i recommend you to get a 550W minimum if you get any of the gpus i said. XFX 550W its a very good one and its cheap for the quality
    That case will be fine
  2. Glad i could help.
    I tend to chose asus caus they have very reliable cards and ive had asus gtx 650 2 asus r9 280x and asus gtx 770 right now. Super quiet and cool. Evgai is more popular cause they are nvidia partners. Msi usually overclocks very well but are kinda hot and loud. Saphire its an excelent brand. Gainward i cant comment.
    You cant go wrong with asus, evga or saphire. Msi too but i find them a little loud.

    Edit : id chose evga if i were you :)
    Gigabyte is not bad but i never had one so cant comment :)
    Evga hhas nice client support and very relisble cards.
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