Wanting to go Dual Monitor, need advice.

Hello TH,

I plan on running a dual monitor setup in the near future. Once I get all my parts and so forth. But I would like to know if a GTX 780TI would be able to handle 1 144hz 1080p monitor (To game on, playing at high - ultra settings), and another 1080p 60hz monitor (For browsing and doing other misc things while gaming). Will I see a big performance impact while gaming? Or can this card easily handle doing these things. CPU will be an i7 4790k.

Thanks for all the help.
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    I believe the GTX 780TI would be more than able to handle 2 screens at 1080p as long as your only gaming on one screen. From what iv seen of the card as long as your not using both screens for heavily graphical intensive purposes at the same time, you should see very little impact on gaming. You should be able to consistently sit on about 60 FPS while gaming.

    Here is some reviews on the subject:

    I wouldnt expect TO much out of the card, but it is considered a good card and as long as you dont plan on Ultra for every single modern game that comes out while using 2 screens at 1080p, you should be fine, especially if running games just on high.
  2. Thank you for your time and answer. Appreciated!
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