3D gaming on laptop using external (second-party) 3-D monitor?

I have purchased the MSI GT70 Dominator Pro-890. I own the Nvidia 3D-vision 2 kit from a previous build. I was wondering if there was any way possible (if there is, how so?) to play in 3D on an external monitor even though the laptop is not "3d ready"? I was thinking of connecting the monitor to the laptop via HDMI or VGA . Would that do the trick
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    as far as I know (I've got nVidia 3D Vision kit myself) all you need to be able to use the 3D is to have a) an nVidia GPU that supports it and b) a 120 Hz monitor and c)to connect the monitor to the GPU via Dual Link DVI cable.

    Edit: Well and of course you need to connect the IR emitter too, but I bet you already knew this since you've had to use it before :)
  2. It should work but you'll have to use a displayport cable. Vga and HDMI aren't going to support a 120hz signal.
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