Best £50 case?

Hi all,
I am building my first gaming pc and am having second thoughts on the case I have chosen.
All the parts are from Amazon UK apart from Windows 7.

This is my rig:
i5 3570k £165
Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC Vapor-x £238
Corsair vengenace 8GB £32
Samsung S24B300HL 23.6 inch £104
Cooler Master hyper 212 EVO £27
Asus Disk Drive £16
Western Digital caviar blue 1TB £66
ASRock Extreme4 z77 £101
XFX pro core 850w (for upgradabilty) £82
TP-Link wifi card £21 (any better options for around the same budget?)
Windows 7 £40 (on ebay)
Antec three hundred two £52

Are there any better options for the case? I have heard stories about the small holes for cable management and error 55 messages.
Also will my RAM work fine with the motherboard? And will the case have enough space for the GPU?

Thanks :)
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  1. I personally dont know the Antec case, but i think you should be able to buy a coolermaster haf 410 for that money and that's a great midi tower.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I have also been looking at the coolermaster HAF 912 plus case which is about £60 on Amazon, any thoughts?
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