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Hey guys I have new PC (4790k + r9 290) and its hooked up to three 24 inch monitors with and eyefinity. I also have an xbox one and I would like to add another monitor or tv to my setup to play the xb1 on without switching out a pc monitor to use for it when I want to play. Which monitors and monitor sizes can you recommend for me? I think ideally I would want one bigger than 24 inches just because it'll get its own desk space and might be played from father away, but if you think playing from farther away will hurt me in fps games then I have solutions for sitting closer.

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  1. So your asking for one screen for a console as you have three for the PC? Sorry just a little confused.
  2. Yes that is correct, sorry for the confusion
  3. Budget?
  4. I would suggest Benq w1070 projector :) Im using one and i dont think ill go back to monitors anytime soon, if only someone gift me a 100inch monitor :D

    Agree that on monitor all gamis will be alot cooler looking ang crispier, but if you have a room for PJ and dont mind closing window sheet at day, then this model is best as its 1080p with 3D in it
  5. That is a great screen size!

    I'd love something that big, but wouldn't have space for the screen.
  6. I'm thinking I would rather go with a monitor or tv, my space is pretty small. In regards to my budget, i am thinking around 800$ for a tv, but if it was a monitor I would like to be under that.
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    This is a great choice for you -

    Benq BL3200PT




    -$679.99 @ newegg

    -VA panel (better then TN, Similar to IPS)

    Solid choice of monitor, and big.
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