Need Help Buying a Computer with £250 budget

Ok, i want to buy a new computer for gaming purposes, i currently have a XFX HD 6870 and i struggling to find a computer to go with it i cannot stretch my budget further than £250 i have been searching around for a while trying to find the perfect computer to go with it i also need a decent PSU to tun the HD 6870, if anyone can help with suggestions that would be perfect. thanks

*not sure if this is the right place but technically speaking im looking for the right CPU for gaming to go with this*
Note: i cannot afford to get a i5 2500K unless someone can find a cheap one
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  1. FX4100 Bulldozer

    AMD 965 BE

    which one of these would be better for gaming, i play games like world of warcraft etc is there any major difference between them? everyone keeps saying the FX series is really not worth it but i can't find anything better for my price than the FX series and the AMD 965 BE
  2. I would go for the 965 Black edition over that bulldozer processor.
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