First PC Build! Would Love Some Feedback And Advice!!

The PC I have in mind is in the link above. What do you guys think? Yea or Nay? I want to get the GTX 980, but would you think the GTX 970 is just as good? Or is the extra $$$ worth it? I want a high end rig that can play future games at 60+ fps. Looking at Witcher 3 right now.

So? Upgrades or downgrades? Parts don't work together? This is my first build so I am very new to everything still. Thanks.
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  1. If I make s suggsetion, instead of going for GTX 980, why not go for GTX 970 SLI?

    Also, don't you want to add a 1TB HDD? That SSD won't last long with how huge games will be nowadays.
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