Looking for 27" or bigger IPS 1080p Monitor with low input lag for gaming

Hey so just like the title says Looking for 27" or bigger IPS 1080p monitor with low input lag for gaming. Picture quality is a must i want good colors no ghosting i don't play that much FPS if any at all i mainly play MMO's and RTS so i want a good monitor with awesome colors low input lag and no ghosting

I was looking at this monitor but i heard the color accuracy isn't that great

Also i live in Canada so only monitors available in Canada please

Any recommendations and help is greatly appreciated thanks!
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  1. i was thinking about getting that monitor but i want to be able to have max settings on the games i play what kind of graphics card or sli configuration would i need to be able to get 60 fps max settings at 1440p?

    I understand i wont be able to have high AA at 1440p but really all i want is great picture quality and colors with low input lag and i know best an IPS monitor can have is 5ms and 60hz without overclocking
  2. fps - depends on the game (eg BF4 or Minecraft)and the cards (eg gtx560 or gtx970)
  3. would i need to sli 970's or get a 980 to run games max settings 1440p? i want to max out world of Warcraft warlords of dreanor expansion
  4. ok so what type of 970's should i SLI there is a bunch of different kinds i only want asus or evga though
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    At the moment, the favorite seems to be gigabyte - - but there's not much in it - gigabyte, evga acx 2.0, msi gaming, asus strix.
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