Advice on 2k QHD or 4k UHD Monitor

Hello all,

I am a gamer at heart, Im looking at 2k QHD 1440p or 4K UDH 2160p for gaming. Looking for a monitor that between 28"-30", Price range between 400-500$

I am upgrading my Video card from a 570gtx to probably a single VC solution 980gtx or maybe even 2 980's.

Any suggestions why i would want 1440p or 2160p or vice versa?

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  1. certainly just get the 1440p option. if you are lucky in america you might find a 450-500 1440p option even 2 980s wont run many games well on 4K

    Pretty much the only one. 28" and up and you can really expect to pay a premium.
  3. benq is a reliable and very cost effective brand too you cant go wrong with that one!
  4. The Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (U28D590D) on amazong is like 450. A steal imo
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    Two 980s will push 4k with decent settings. You won't be able to max out everything, but that's just a consideration. If you go 4K, you'll have the monitor already purchased for when you next upgrade your video cards in a few years. At the same time, there will be better 4K monitor options at that point as well.

    I'd save the money now and get a nice 1440p monitor with a single 980. The quality of monitor will be better, and you'll save money on the video cards for now. You might then have some extra cash in a year or two when quality 4K monitors are available for a reasonable price. The 4K monitors in the $500 range are not very good and will strain your eyes pretty quickly.
  6. also you wont need to worry too much about Anti-Aliasing on 4K as technically 4K is already X2 AA minus the down sampling
  7. any advice on 1440p montiors was looking at the ROG 144hz monitor.... what do you guys think?
  8. Yeah, great monitor. Was just posting about Gsync in another thread. Take a look here:
  9. I have an ASUS PG278Q ROG Swift on order. If you're wanting to have a gaming monitor then the ROG Swift is hands-down the best monitor to get. There is nothing else in it's league.

    4K is not a good option right now for gaming until technology catches up.
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