[WTS] Amd gaming rig with windows professional

The pc is about a year and a half old, i just put it into new housing with much more adequate cooling, I'm looking to get $1100 for the PC. including shipping. Through Paypal. if you have any questions let me know. Also, i am located in northern Virginia for shipping references.
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  1. You can certainly ask whatever you want for that computer but if you drop that asking price by half it might actually sell. ;)
  2. Sadly, anort3 is right. Pc's depreciate faster than almost anything and lose a good 40 - 50% of their value in the first year alone which is why building a higher end pc without the intention to keep it for at least 2-3 years is a bad idea. $1100 now would net you an Intel/nvidia rig that would utterly destroy your system.

    The $600 - $700 range may be a lot more realistic given what are actually selling for used.

    4x 2gb kit of ram kills that aspect of the machine as $80 would get a better 2x4gb kit new and have the ability to go to 16gb. Also, a 64gb SSD is kinda borderline pointless and out of place in a modern gaming machine and a cache SSD more so. $140 now gets you an actual 240GB/256GB SSD.
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    I agree with the others you need to cut the price at least in half. 7970s go very cheap now used not much more than the 7950 does, and the 7950 barely goes for over 100 now. I don't see very many people paying top dollar for a bulldozer machine, poor single thread performance and consumes lots of power and heat

    I've never used an ssd for cache but wd green drives are well known to not be reliable especially as an OS hdd.
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