Need help in upgrading an old custom gaming rig, with a budget of 700 bucks

Hello, I'm a noob when it comes to computers , and am very unexperienced when it comes to building my own. I'm looking to upgrade my rig, with the main priority being gaming. I want it to be powerful able to pull future games like witcher 3 , battlefield hardline etc at 60 fps (as my monitor is 60hz). My current rig has: windows 8.1 pro 64 bit, intel i7 960@3.20ghz, 6.0 gigs of ram, and an nvidia 570gtx gpu, and my motherboard is some OEM (I don't know how to check specific without taking it apart, if you could tell my that'd be great), some 1.5TB ssd black series. I won't be dishing out the cash in one go, so what would you recommend to upgrade FIRST, what I mean is what is the most essential upgrade that will give the greatest initial boost in performance. I was thinking of upgrading my GPU but then I am worried that my older components will only weigh it down. If you can also tell me which upgrades I would need following that'd also be great. My budget is around 700 bucks. And as you probably already assumed I don't need peripherals like mouse and keyboard, and operating systems as I already have them thank you very much for your suggestions.
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  1. Motherboard specs are important but if you already have a gtx570 then I wold not worry to much about it. I would think about your psu, a 750 WATT is a good start . RAM is not to important 6gb is pleanty and if everything is stock with the I7960 then your memory speed is running at around 1060mhz , that is ok. Unless you want to overclock to 1333 or 1600 then get at least 6 gb of that RAM. You main focus should be gpu. Your GTX570 could use as upgrade for sure. I would consider at least $400 on a new gpu. newegg is a good place to look for best prices. You could get great frames out of a GTX 6 series , or GTX 7 series for about $400 . I would not worry about " older components stress" I am in the same boat with an older gaming rig from 6 years ago. . my Intel i7920 runs at 3.33ghz on 12gb of ddr3 1333mhz . I upgraded to a GTX 770 and I get over 100 frames in BF4 . My memory is a bit overkill for gaming. I had 3 gb of ddr3 1066mhz and an older geforce 9600gt 1gb video card , my i7 920 ran at stock speed of 2.66 ghz and I was getting 30 to 50 frames on BF3 on low settings . I would think more about power supply for the new gpu you want to install. PCIE is what your older one uses and that expansion slot will work.

    Worst thing that could happen is that you might need a bios update. You would have to find the model number of the mobo and go to the manufacture website to see if there is a bios update. if there is then dl that, burn it to disk and boot from that disk and follow instructions.
    On the other hand if your running a GTX 5 series gpu , then you should be fine as long as you uninstall the older drivers before you remove the old gpu , from there just plug in your new card and go to nvidia website for the latest drivers , or use the one on the cd that comes with it
  2. Just a clarification, I forgot to mention that I am looking to game on the highest of settings. This might seem a like a silly thing to ask but would the sole upgrades of gpu and power supply allow me to game on the highest settings. Or would I have to address the old hardware issues for this to be fulfilled. I'm looking to outperform the current consoles by a lot so as to get over my urge of getting one lol :). I appreciate your advice, such a fast reply too :D thanks again.
  3. oh and btw my power supply is 850 watts, and i just checked and i think the motherboard is oed evega x58 sli.
  4. Yah I have the same X58 , almost same i7 as you . Whats most important in your case is going to be a new Graphics Card . If you got 700 to spend , then I would go for a GTX 780, that way if you want to upgrade to 6gb of 1600 mhz ram then you got the extra money. To get that speed you have to enter bios, go into power and voltage control, and go to memory feature an set the frequency ratio to 2:8 or until it shows the target ram speed of 1600 mhz . Otherwise at stock clock settings it running at what the cpu supports by default and thats 1066. Memory is not that important. Even if you left your memory alone and got the GTX780 then you would see it eat up games on high settings , depending on what games though, something like BF 3 / BF4 is going to get 120+ fps , even with the ram you got , if you upgraded ram you would see maybe a 5 to 10 fps increase with 6GB 1600 Mhz . On games that are more demanding then I wold shoot higher and get a nvidia geforce GTX 780ti . Here are some good bench marks I would use to help you make your decision, you can see after the gtx 780 , the price to performance ratio is very little . Im my personal case I like BF4 and I get over 100 FPS with my rig and this GTX 770 . I plan to get another 770 for SLI and I should be able to handle any game on high settings . Resolution is also a factor , 1080p is most common but if you want to go higher than something like a Titan would be best, if you got the $1000 for it .
  5. it is shown that the cpu isn't needed to be any faster than the old gulftown cpu's of first gen i7 inorder to increase gaming fps. the i7 4770K only gets a 1 fps boost when comparing to identical system with first gen cpu.

    i would agree with slavegamer. get a top end GPU like a 980 or a 780 and upgrade to 8GB of 1600 ram as i don't think the 960 supports faster than that.

    i am an amd fan at heart so i would also like to recommend a R9 290x as you can get one for $400 now and its close performance to that of the 780, but make sure you get a good cooler version one if you do.
  6. since the motherboard is evga (x58) what are my options for COMPATIBLE gpu's since it supports a specific chipset (intel) : can I still get something like the r9 290x? Also I'm looking at getting the gpu on eBay from high ranking sellers, would you guys recommend this since I can fetch a good price and I don't care if it's used or not as long as it's working. And finally how do I discern which version of the GPU like for ex r9 290X is cooler, I am looking at getting either the ASUS if I do, the Sapphire, or XFX? Is one better then the other, and do they all support a crossfire setup? I'm still very interested in the GTX 780, if I can find a good price on eBay. Thank you very much for your continued support guys.
  7. I don't believe that any GPU is inconpatable with evga X58 motherboard. I would be greatly surprised if it was.

    as far as what gpu's are good cooler ones you simply need to look and see if it has the stock blower style heatsink or not. asus's direct CU2 will work great and so will HIS ice Q and msi's triple fan thing and XFX's Double D or triple D im unsure what they have for that card. simply make sure its not a reference cooler. reference cooler has a circular blower style like that on a NVidia titan but the R9 one dosent work very well. many companies have upgraded their coolers as an aftermarket solution to fix the cooling problem the stock ones had.

    I always buy used hardware on ebay but look on newegg first you may find a new card for a better deal right now.
  8. Okay and just a final question before I start looking. I can fetch the gtx 770 for a fairly good price, what do you guy think if i instead get this card and sli it in a year or so? is it relatively future proof (especially if i get a second one down the line) or will it become outdated very quickly ? The reason I am asking is because I game only on a 1080p res and heard that the gtx 780 isn't necessary unless u want to game on higher res's, also I couldn't find a good cooled r9 290x on eBay and since I'm from Canada the marks it down as being 100 bucks more expensive then on the US :( .
  9. btw the card I'm talking bout is the asus nvidia gefore gtx 770 oc directcu II 2GB Gddr5 PCI Express 3.0
  10. sorry I was unable to respond for so long. yea the gtx 770 will work fine. I just wanted to point out that the 290x is available for $300 new and its performance stacks between the 780 and the 780ti. asus is a good company for graphics cards, but I typically think they are overpriced and people buy them for the name that is on the card. maybe just me. if you can get a 770 for about $230 id go for it if you can get a 780 for $270 I go for that. just look at price to performance ratios.
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