I5 2500k not oced running at 80°C+

Man am I nervous, I've been playing Black Light Retribution allot today and started to hear all my fans roaring and my temp reading on my case is saying 28°C and it usually is 23-24. so I was wondering why it was hotting then normal in the case so I check my cpu temp with Core temp and was shocked to see it reaching a max of 90°C and idling at 75+. My cpu is not oced and has the stock cooler when I close the game my temp goes back to 40°C-50°C. this is odd maybe that game is just really cpu intensive. what do you guys think? here a pic

system specs BTW

i5 2500k (daaaaH)

8gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz

PowerColor HD 7870 2gb

OCZ 550w 80 plus Fully modular PSU

750gb 7200rpm barracuda hdd

zalman z9 case
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  1. Check if cpu fun is actually running. Check if heatsink did not get loose.
  2. Fan is running good, and heatsink is securely in place. at idle right now it is down to 35-40s, It only ever goes that high when playing Blacklight? and sometimes gta 4
  3. redo the thermal paste if it does not reslve then go for hyper 212 evo with Arctic silver 5 it will do wonders
  4. 35-40c with the stock is normal but 80c+ is not.

    I have run 2600Ks, on the stock cooler, on Intel Burnin test and they might hit 80c but then again thats all cores at 100% load.

    I do want to ask one thing though, did you add thermal paste to the cooler?
  5. No, the stock one come with paste on so I did not, should I have?
  6. No its good you didn't. The only thing I can assume unless the heatsink is not making proper contact is that airflow to the CPU is not good.
  7. I hope its good, when I leave my pc on just doing nothing its around 35-40c is that normal for stock cooler, when I'm encoding like I am now or playing games like Black light or gta 4 then it gets high like anywhere from 60-80 and it maxed at 90c. I am going to get a hyper 212 regardless though it seems to be a good thing to have. especially because its so easy to OC on my MOBO.
  8. With overclocking, the Hyper 212 is decent but there are better ones for that. I have a Zalman 9900 Max and I have my 2500K at 4.5GHz with it peaking at 55c under gaming (including GTA 4 and Max Payne 3).

    Of course its also a bit more expensive.

    And yes, 35-40c is normal for the stock cooler when idle.
  9. wow now I want that :) just as long as my cpu is ok :$
  10. The CPU is fine. It takes a lot to kill a CPU these days. They have tons of protection in place to make sure it doesn't kill itself.

    As for the cooler, yea its nice. But you can get either the 12X (triple fan, WDHT but same heatpipes as mine) (a bit better) or the 9900Max D (same as mine but dual fans so it runs a bit quieter).

    Just make sure your case will have room for it as they are prertty big but then again thats why they cool so well.
  11. So, I went out today rode my bike a few miles in the rain :(, to the computer store and picked me up a hype 212 evo, Installed it, and wow am I happy I did. I just got off playing the same games for the same amount of time as before except with the hyper 212 I maxed at 42C, instead of 90C:). so far this thing is working great. thanks for all your advice.
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