123 °C THRM & TMPIN0 Readings?!


What are "THRM" and TMPIN0" supposed to be? The temps have been stuck at 123 °C for hours (just built this PC today). How do I fix this? What is the cause?

Thank you!
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  1. Never run more than one temperature monitoring program at one time.....they can interfere with one another and give false readings. Download OCCT and run the CPU test with no other utilities loaded.


    Don't know for sure as I have never used a Biostar MoBo but my guess is that they are false readings from your northbridge / southbridge and case temp.
  2. I've always found that there is an odd reading on most temp programs. nothing to be concerned about.
  3. Yeah I have the same issue on Speedfan with one of my HDD's, constantly comes up as exactly 123 degrees celcius
  4. There might have something wrong with these readings.

    I have just downloaded HWMonitor due to OS re-installation as I got a new SSD, and there are not these "THRM" and TMPIN0" values on mine, but I guess we have different mobos, eh?

    Anyway HWMonitor and Core Temp do not seem to be agreeing to each other, however your CPU temp seem to be around 38C?
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