Decent gaming case under £50?

im looking for one atm with good air flow, not just fans that are so bad they can even be counted as fans. I like the 200mm antec big boyand tricool fans, they seems like beasts, so something with similar fans for £50 would be what im looking for.

it needs to be of resonable size to fit full atx motherboard a few hard drives and a processor cooler such as hyper 212.

also cable management is really important.

if you can reccomend a case that would be great.

im also open to buying a cheaper case with no fans but with fan mounds and then with money left over buying the fans so long as this will give me same/better performance at no extra cost.
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  1. Antec Three Hundred Two or the HAF 912 probably suit your needs :)

    The 302 won't be able to fit a 200MM fan, however, so that's something to keep in mind.
  2. You should look at the antec 302 that mocchan suggested if you dont a very blingy case, but if you like led lights and windows then maybe something like the zalman z11 plus, ive got it for my build and its deffinatley worth the £50, its just not to everyones taste haha
  3. Does it keep everything cool or would more/better fans be better?
  4. nvm just checked it out, 5 fans looks awesome and great cable management :D
  5. samraptor said:
    nvm just checked it out, 5 fans looks awesome and great cable management :D

    It only comes with 2 fans by default, however, so you'll have to purchase additional fans if you want to fill up all the slots :)

    Regardless, the case is more than sufficient to provide enough airflow for any beefy gaming rig today!
  6. hmmmm i bought it from ebay about 2hrs aggo and it came with front x1 side x2 and rear x1 fans, so id only have to out in a top fan and then id be really happy with it :)
  7. In that case, great! :lol: (pun intended)
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