First Time PC Build, Could Use Some Checking

Hello all.

I'm looking to buy parts to build a PC here in the next few days and I figure some of you guys could look over my build and see if it's good enough. My budget is about $2k, and I took quite a bit of inspiration from a YouTuber I watch that covers this sort of stuff. I plan on gaming (obviously), video recording (possibly fairly long sessions), and video editing, along with the college work that an accounting student would have which I'm sure isn't very intensive to run, hah.

One question I have is that, since I don't plan on overclocking my CPU at this point in time or in the near future, should I purchase an extra CPU cooler?

Here's the link to the build:

If there's anything anyone feels that could be added/subtracted to make this build better, while staying around my budget, feel free to throw out some suggestions.

Thanks a lot to anyone providing some insight/advice! :)

Oh, and on a side note, what mechanical keyboard would any of you suggest? I'd prefer a backlit one, if at all possible.

EDIT: Also, do you guys think the 480 GB SSD is too much for what I would use it for if I've got a 3TB HDD? I see a lot of people on the internet say the only thing you really need the SSD for is to put your operating system on, so should I get a smaller SSD and put the extra money towards something else, perhaps?
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  1. That build looks just fine for you.
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